We would like to inform you that our website contains its own and third party cookies to measure and analyze user traffic flow on our site and to let you know about new products and services. Cookies are automatic files that collect relevant information about internet user preferences during a visit to a website in order to recognize repeat visitors and personalize their use of the site and thus make browsing quicker.

Users can alter their browsers to automatically accept or reject cookies or to receive a message on their screen whenever a cookie is activated so as to decide at that moment whether or not the cookie should be saved to their hard disk. Cookie elimination and blocking procedures may differ between browsers and the user must follow browser instructions. If a user decides to reject cookies this may limit some of the internet services provided to them.

Please find below a list of cookie categories:

I. – Regarding the cookie handling entities:

Own: Cookies are sent to a user’s terminal from a computer or domain that is run by a website editor from which the service has been requested by the user.

Third party: Cookies are sent to a user’s terminal from a computer or domain that is not run by the website editor but rather by another entity that analyses data supplied by cookies.


II.- Regarding the time the cookies are activated:

During the browsing session: information is collected and stored whilst a user looks at the website

Permanent: Information is stored in the terminal and can be accessed and looked at during a time period defined by the cookie.


III.- Regarding the purpose of cookies:

Technical purposes: Cookies allow users to browse websites, platforms and applications and have access to all the options and services offered therein, for example, control of personal data, the provision of an ID for each session, access to private areas, access to order records, the possibility to make purchases online, make bookings on line, use security browser measures, store information to share videos or audio or content on social media.

Individual purposes: Cookies configure predetermined services and preferences on users terminals such as language, browser, local settings from which the services are accessed, etc.

Statistical purposes: Cookies allow user behavior within the sites they are linked to to be followed and studied (for example, activity on a site may be measured, a browser profile can then be carried out and information can be drawn from the study of this behavior to improve the website’s performance).

Publicity purposes: Cookies control the advertising space included in websites in accordance with editorial criteria as well as controlling the frequency with which advertisements are displayed.

Behavioral advertising: Cookies allow publicity spaces on a website to hold information about browser habits that have been obtained by continually monitoring user behavior and thus permit a targeted advertising campaign accordingly.

On we use the following cookies:

Our own cookies: We send cookies to our user’s terminals from our server or domain.

Third party cookies: We send cookies to our user’s terminals from servers and domains that are not run by ourselves but rather by a third party that analyses data collected by the cookie.

Cookies implemented during a session: these cookies collect and store information whilst a user is looking at our website.

In addition, the following cookies are used:

  • smclient
  • smuuid
  • smform
  • Smg
  • Smgoid

Statistical cookies: these cookies allow us to study user behavior within our site (for example, activity on our site may be measured, a browser profile may be carried out so that we can improve the website’s performance).

We use this information to improve our website, to detect needs and to better our services as well as to keep abreast of the most popular browsers and terminals.

To permit, understand, block or eliminate cookies installed in your computer you can do so through the setting options of your browser.

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