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The present General Terms of Use. Privacy and Sales (hereafter “General Conditions”) apply to the use of the website (hereafter “Website”) that GLENT SHOES, S.L. (hereafter, “Glent”) offer to whosoever wishes to find out information about products or services offered by Glent or Glent’s collaborators, and where access to these products or services is provided, as well as offering the possibility to request services and goods through this Website (these being referred to as “Services”).

In accordance with Law 34/2002 concerning Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce please be informed that is owned by the limited company GLENT SHOES S.L. with business address in Calle Velázquez 10, 4ºizda, 28001 Madrid, with CIF B86886959 registered with the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, ledger 31443, section 8, page nº M565981. Glent can be contacted by e-mail: and by telephone 91 4315581.




The User accepts the General Conditions by entering the Website and simply using the services offered by the Website.

Services will be provided and offers will be made through the Website in the understanding that the General Conditions have been accepted. If the User does not accept the General Conditions then the User must abstain from entering the Website and/ or using the services provided therein. Glent reserve the right to make alterations to the present General Conditions. The Website will permanently display the most recent version of the General Conditions. The use of services and/or entering the Website will be considered as tacit consent of the alterations that have been made. Glent recommend periodically checking the General Conditions and its alterations.

Services and products offered by this Website are offered solely to persons that are legally capable of understanding and accepting the General Conditions and who have not been excluded by Glent for having contravened any part of the present General Conditions.




Glent reserve all their rights.

Glent own the national brand nº 3.086.752 “G GLENT custom fitted shoes” as well as international brand nº 1216366 based upon the national brand.

The content of this Website, its text, images, photographs, logos, icons and pictures, as well as the graphic design, code and software, are the exclusive property of Glent or third parties, the rights of which have been legitimately granted to Glent and are protected by national and international law. Every commercial name, brand or hallmark, logo, symbol, combined brand, representative or registered, that appear on the Website either belong to Glent or legal consent has been provided to reproduce them therein.

None of the elements contained in this Website can be reproduced, copied, used, distributed, commercialized, published or likewise without permission from Glent and/or the trademark owners. It is illegal to do so without consent.

Glent do not accept responsibility for the incorrect use of content provided in the Website and reserve the right to update, permanently or temporarily remove, create restrictions or limit access to content on the page whenever desired.

Glent do not accept responsibility for missing information or erroneous information on the Website. In particular, Glent do not accept responsibility for information provided by third party websites that are linked to this Website.

Glent do not accept responsibility for any possible breaches in security that occur due to a virus infecting the computer or due to browsing error or due to using older versions of browser software.

Glent will not be held responsible if service is interrupted, delayed, erroneous, poorly delivered or, in general, if there are shortcomings which are beyond Glent’s control or caused by the User and /or by force majeure. Further to the legally established description of force majeure the following concepts will also be considered to be force majeure in the context of these Conditions: failings by third parties, operators or service companies, acts of Government, network access failure, acts or omissions by public services, those produced by natural disasters, blackouts, etc, hacker attacks, security breaches or IT breaches. In any event, whatever the cause may be, Glent will not be held responsible for direct or indirect damages or loss of profits. Glent have made every possible effort to ensure that the correct measures are in place to guarantee the correct provision of services by the Website and thus to avoid transmitting viruses or damage-causing files to Users.



The User agrees to make correct and responsible use of the Website and its contents. Notwithstanding the above, the User must abstain from the following actions:

a) Fraudulent or unauthorized use of the Website and/ or its content for an illicit end, forbidden by the General Conditions, damaging the rights and interests of third parties, or in any way damaging, disabling, overriding, deteriorating or impeding normal use of services and documents, files or other content stored in any computer.

b) Accessing or trying to access restricted areas of the Website without meeting those conditions that regulate access.

c) Causing damage to hardware upon which the Website relies, or of their suppliers or third parties.

d) Introducing or sharing a virus or causing damages to the physical or logical system of Glent, its service providers or third parties.

e) Attempting to access, use or manipulate data stored by Glent, third party providers or other Users.

f) Reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing free access through any form of public communication, transforming or changing content, unless the title holder of those rights authorizes this access and it is within the law.

g) Deleting, hiding or manipulating notes about intellectual or industrial property and all of the data that identifies Glent or third parties within the content, as well as appliances that provide protection or other IT mechanisms that may be inserted in the content.

h) Obtaining or trying to obtain content by using other means rather than those established within the Website to access the content in question, having been clearly outlined in the page where the content can be accessed and why it is available, or generally, by using those means set out in usual internet behavior being considered low risk for posing a threat to damaging or disabling the Website and / or its content.

i) Specifically, bearing in mind that this is merely indicative and cannot be considered a comprehensive list, the User agrees not to transmit, share or make available to third parties information, data, content, messages, graphics, pictures, sound files and/ or images, photographs, recordings, software, and in general any type of material that:

  • (I) Is in any way against, mocks or violates basic rights and public freedom that is constitutionally recognized in International Treaties and ruling law.
  • (II) Induces, incites or promotes criminal, degenerative, defamatory, or violent behavior, or in general, acts against moral law, generally acceptable norms of behavior or public order.
  • (III) Induces, incites or promotes acts, attitudes or thoughts that discriminate against sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or condition.
  • (IV) Include, make available, permit access to, criminal or violent or offensive or degrading products, elements or messages, and in general messages that are against the law, are morally unacceptable and are against acceptable norms of behavior.
  • (V) Induce or could induce anxiety or terror.
  • (VI) Induce or incite involvement in dangerous behavior, risk, or dangerous to physical or mental health.
  • (VII) Is protected by intellectual or industrial material owned by Glent or third parties without having received permission for its use.
  • (VIII) Violating in any way the fundamental rights, honour, image, and personal and family privacy of third parties.
  • (IX) Constitutes in any form a type of publicity.
  • (X) Includes any type of virus that impedes the normal operation of the Website. The use of passwords provided to access certain services should be sensible and diligent. The password should be respected and kept confidential. The User agrees not to share the password or lend it on a temporary or permanent basis to third parties, nor allowing others to access services and/ or content using the password given them. Furthermore, Glent must be notified if someone has incorrectly used the password or if it is stolen, lost or could be used in an illegitimate way so that it can be immediately be cancelled.

If through malice or negligence any of the obligations established in these General Conditions are not kept, you will be held responsible for all the damages that this failure to comply with the rules causes Glent.




Glent cannot guarantee access at all times, nor can they guarantee the quality of downloads, viewing or other elements within the Website due to the fact that the aforementioned elements could be affected by circumstances or factors out of Glent’s control.

Glent cannot be held responsible for decisions that are taken after having viewed content or information offered on the Website.

Glent may interrupt service and cancel a User’s account if they detect that the Website or one of the services offered within the Website, is being used in a manner that contravenes the General Conditions. Glent will not be held responsible for damages, losses, claims or costs that derive from using the Website.

Glent are solely responsible for removing as quickly as possible any content within the Website that may cause damage upon being notified of this fact. Therefore they are specifically not responsible for damages that may arise from:

  • (I) Interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, telephone line faults, delays, system crashes, disconnections, blackouts, or for any other cause beyond Glent’s control.
  • (II) Illegal interference by whatsoever type of malicious programs through whatsoever mode of communication, such as IT viruses.
  • (III) Wrongful or inadequate, abusive, use of the Website.
  • (IV) Security or browsing errors caused by faults in the browser or due to using software that has not been updated. The administrators of Glent reserve the right to remove, totally or partially, whatever content or information contained on the Website. Furthermore, Glent are excused from responsibility for any damages caused by incorrect use of the services freely offered to Users of the Website, or when, due to a virus or similar damaging element, a disturbance occurs in the IT systems or the documents or filing system contained therein. Thus, Glent are exonerated from any responsibility for the content and information that can be received as a consequence it having been provided on an on-line form, given that these forms are used solely to provide services and answer questions. On the other hand, if damages are caused by the illicit or incorrect use of these services, the User can make a claim against Glent for such damages.
  • Glent are not responsible for the use which the User makes of the services offered on the Website nor for the passwords, or any such material relating to these, infringing upon intellectual and industrial property rights or those rights afforded to third parties.

    The User will defend, indemnify and hold Glent harmless from any damage, sanction or expenditure (including, without limits, legal fees) or civil or administrative responsibility, or those responsibilities of any other nature, that Glent may endure as a result of a breach of the General Conditions or due to partial or defective adherence to the General Conditions and, in particular, in relation to the protection of data collected therein and established in the Spanish Law for the Protection of Data and forthcoming laws.

    Therefore, the User is obliged to compensate Glent for any damages caused by robots, spiders, crawlers or other tools used to extract information, or whatever act that the User may undertake that overloads the Website.




    Users’ personal information requested by Glent will be expressly and specifically used in accordance with the Privacy Policy inserted in the present General Conditions.




    Spanish legislation will be applied to all litigious matters or those being incumbent upon the Website to resolve any conflicts that arise from or are related to the use of the Website, in the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, Spain.