What you put on your feet is a decisive factor in how you get through your day. Designed for the most urban Glent man who needs sublimely comfortable shoes that support every step he takes throughout the day, here are our trainers.

  • Two-Tone Sneaker 050
    €355.00 Two-Tone Sneaker 050 Two-tone black and brown sneaker 050. Personalise
  • Two-Tone Sneaker 050
    €355.00 Two-Tone Sneaker 050 Two-tone black and green sneaker 050. Personalise
  • Bordeaux Sneaker 050
    €435.00 Bordeaux Sneaker 050 Bordeaux sneaker 050, hand-tinted. Personalise
  • Camel Sneaker 050
    €435.00 Camel Sneaker 050 Camel sneaker 050, hand-tinted. Personalise
  • Navy Blue Sneaker 050
    €435.00 Navy Blue Sneaker 050 Navy blue sneaker 050, hand-tinted. Personalise
  • Sneaker 076 verde
    €350.00 Sneaker 076 verde Zapatilla 076 verde, deportivo con cordones. Personalise
  • Brown Sneaker 071
    €350.00 Brown Sneaker 071 Brown sneaker 071 with elastics system. Personalise

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  • 15 tipos de piel

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  • 50 colores de piel

    50 leather colours

  • 17 colores de costuras

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  • 6 tipos de suela

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  • 15 colores de cordón

    15 lace colours

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Discover all the shoe models in our store.

Pop in and meet us at our store or, if you prefer, make an appoinrment with one of our expert assistants so as to fully live the Glent shopping experience. No purchase required.


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